About Us

Jayman Insurance is a Florida Blue contracted agency.  We are a health solutions agency that pride ourselves on helping customers attain health insurance coverage with the precise benefits and services that meet their medical, financial and lifestyle needs.

Most of our customers pay $0 per month for their health insurance. Depending on income or other factors, some may pay $30 – $75 per month.

Call us today to speak with a licensed agent: (888) 852-9626

We focus on:

  • Medicare Plans – Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans
  • Individual and Family Health Plans – Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

Before launching the Jayman Insurance Agency, President and Co-Founder, Tyron Mills dedicated the vast portion of his tenure as a Corporate Sales Trainer and Sales Manager with Florida Blue; mostly in the areas of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) and Medicare. Tyron’s teams have helped thousands of individuals and families get financial assistance (tax credit) to pay for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. His teams also helped many Medicare beneficiaries choose the Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan that meets their needs. Tyron’s trainees and sales teams were very successful and received high customer satisfaction scores, mostly because he instilled these principles: 1.) Be the product expert 2.) Lead customers through the hazy fog of insurance information and options 3.) Guide customers to choosing the health plan that meets their medical, financial and lifestyle needs.

After several years as a leader in the Florida Blue corporate office, Tyron decided that it was time to follow his passion and take his knowledge and experience into the local communities. It’s Jayman’s mission to educate you and be your personal insurance agency.