Medicare Insurance

Are you deciding on whether to choose Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan?

Do you know which specific Supplement Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan to choose?

Will the plan you select meet your medical, budget and lifestyle needs?

Will you be able to see your same doctors?

Will your prescriptions be covered?

Whether you’re turning 65, recently retired, or have been on Medicare for years, choosing a Medicare Plan can be overwhelming.  Jayman has a team of licensed professionals that will help you navigate through all your available options so you can choose the health plan that meets your medical, financial, and lifestyle needs. We will verify that your doctors are in the network, discuss your prescription costs, and consider your travel needs.

Medicare Advantage

  • Also known as Medicare Part C, or Medicare Replacement plans
  • Medical coverage included
  • Prescription coverage included

Medicare Supplement

  • Medicare Supplement insurance policies Cover the cost sharing that Original Medicare does not pay for
  • Prescription coverage is NOT included

Prescription Drug Plans

  • Also known as Medicare Part D, or Prescription Drug plans (PDP)
  • Prescription included
  • Medical coverage is NOT included